Nomination Starts - December 12th, 2022

Nomination Ends - January 6th, 2023

SIG 2: Automation - CRDs, Operators, and Related Tooling & Reference Implementation, Packaging, Installation - Call for Vice Chair Nomination - Member with s/w development experience




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Wim is head of technology and architecture in Nokia’s IP division, where he works with partners and customers to provide consultancy advise in IP technology, Cloud and Automation. He has over 25 years of experience in the telco and enterprise communication and networking industry and is a regular speaker at technical conferences all over the world.

He is driving the automation strategy within Nokia for the IP division where he developed a prototype that is aligned with the Nephio vision. A reference open source project he initiated is [containerlab]( where multiple vendors have been integrated and collaborated.

Wim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, Data Communication and a Masters degree in Economy and is a Bellabs Fellow


Given I developed a similar vision as Nephio, my motivation to apply for this role is to make the Nephio project successful. I am a big believer in the cloud native operation and the goals the Nephio project is aiming for.

I want to do this on one hand by leveraging my knowledge of the Telco world, but also from the knowledge I gained when building a prototype that leverage CRDs to automate various parts of the telco’s infrastructure.

On top I intend to help organize the project and build an open community. I have experience in operating large multi-national and multi-cultural teams that operate on common goals, set milestones and drive towards success.

I am known to be open and approachable to get the best way forward for the community and the project.

2Victor Morales 

Victor has participated as contributor in several open source projects in the area of networking.

  • In OpenStack, he was involved in the effort to support Rolling Upgrades in Neutron. He also created a python client[1] for managing the OpenStack Tricircle API.
  • In OPNFV, he promoted the usage of Kolla as an OpenStack installer into the XCI project[2]. He was part of the Kuberef[3] developer team since its creation, this tool was created to validate Anuket RI2 specifications[4].
  • He participated on the implementation of MultiCloud plugin[5] which allows the execution of ONAP workloads in Kubernetes.
  • Victor has done some contributions to Kubespray tool[6], adding Katacotainers, crun and youki support. Those container managers satisfy different security and performance needs in for workloads.
  • Currently, Victor holds a co-chair position in the CNF WG[7]. Working group created for collecting and discussing CNF use cases and best practices

He started working on the creation of an open source CNF which could be used as reference[8]. This effort pretends to clarify (with code) the creation process of CNFs to developers and vendors and also facilitate the infrastructure decisions of operators.










During the last few years, we have been witnesses of the DevOps adoption in the Telecommunication industry.  CSPs has explored novel solutions, as open source alternatives, to satisfy customer demands. Operations teams have deployed cloud and intent-based solutions in their own infrastructure. Developers have re-architected their VNFs to use microservices, following the twelve factor apps. But there is still a gap between them, I believe this can be reduced with an instant feedback (fail fast approach). So automation is critical on this.

The success of any software project relies on the team who support it, automation gives the opportunity to offload some tasks and maximizes the bandwidth for the implementation of new features. I'd like to automate as much as possible in the Nephio project to have a delight new contributor experience and make the maintainer's life easier.

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