Context from Charter :During both the Start-Up Period and after the Start-Up Period the TSC may elect a TSC Chair and a Vice Chair. The TSC Chair, or in their absence the Vice Chair, will preside over meetings of the TSC. The TSC Chair and Vice Chair will each serve until their resignation or replacement by the TSC.

Start Date: 08/4/2022

End Date: 08/23/2022

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1@Sana Tariq TELUS, Canada

Sana is a principal technology architect leading the architecture and long-term roadmap of E2E Service Orchestration for supporting 5G/edge services over a hybrid telco cloud. She has been leading initiatives to improve cloud-native adoption through DevOps, open source solutions, and implementing organization-wide automation principles, automation CoE, and an API program. She has been involved in leading industry initiatives on making telco automation agile and cloud-native, founding partner of TELUS OSPO, project Nephio and leading industry efforts around cloud-native automation.  She is actively working and leading various efforts with Linux Foundation, ATIS, and supporting research across North American universities. 

Sana Tariq is Ph.D. in Computer Science majoring in optical communications, cloud computing, and software-defined networking (Fulbright scholarship and CREOL fellowship awards)

Sana has given many presentations on service orchestration, cloud-native transformation, open source adoption, and telco transformation at the edge of 5G. One of the recent blogs published at Nephio website:

Having worked with many orchestration platforms across the industry (ONAP, OSM, and most vendors' solutions) over the last six years, I want Nephio's roadmap to drive simplicity, agility, and vendor-neutral automation that can deliver the promise of cloudification. Nephio community has to influence ecosystem standards, open source projects, and network function vendors to this cloud-native vision. We need to build a strong foundation for faster, easier network functions onboarding and runtime management to accelerate services delivery timelines, a need to support the 5G vision. I have the voice of an Operator that's why my vision emphasizes open development across all telco vendors and cloud providers to drive the ecosystem through 'Open Source'

We need to approach automation as bottom-up and solve the immediate challenges and complexities first. To ensure this open source project gets successful, we must focus on smaller targets, run in DevOps cycles and be pragmatic. 

  1. Identify the use-cases that apply to the largest number of services providers' requirements in 2023+ (targeting greenfield 5G/IoT/.. that requires massive roll-outs)
  2. Define a functional roadmap for Nephio that helps deliver production-ready increments of the project for faster adoption across major service providers
  3. Aim to simplify the use/adoption of Nephio and development of Operators, CRDs (template sharing, GUI improvements, partial parsers, etc.)
  4. Ensure Nephio can support automation of network functions, and services and is capable of integrating over standards-based interfaces to ecosystem components following ETSI, 3GPP, and ORAN interfaces. 
  5. Ensure Nephio's adoption across all NFs vendors, and Public Cloud providers through service provider's joint collaboration
  6. Ensure community members' participation and joint voice is reflected in requirements and roadmap.
2Timo Perala Nokia

Timo is the Head of Open Source Network and Service Automation at Nokia, where he is responsible for driving Nokia’s overall engagement in Nephio. In this role Timo works across multiple industry organisations, both open source and standardisation, engages with both customers and other industry players, as well as internally across all Nokia businesses.

Timo has over 25 years of experience in network systems, ranging from multivendor interoperability verification, systems architecture research, new business incubation, to network and operations systems standardisation. In addition to his Nephio engagement he currently serves in the TSCs of ONAP and EMCO projects, ONAP Requirements Subcommittee vice chair, and is regular to O-RAN Software Community (OSC).

Prior to joining Nokia Timo was a lecturer at his alma mater Helsinki University Computer Science department, where he focused on distributed systems and systems communications.

Dear Nephio community,

I would like to nominate myself as a candidate for TSC vice chair position.

As a committed supporter of Nephio and its TSC my aim is to help ensure the inclusive, transparent and smooth operation of the TSC and of the whole project. It is high on my agenda to foster active and open participation to TSC from its members and also from wider Nephio community, as a vibrant diverse community is a prerequisite of a success of any open source project.

As the launch material expresses, Nephio is not alone but has a definite role to play. Therefore cooperation and collaboration with adjacent communities, be they standardisation or open source, is essential to Nephio. With my past and present engagement and experience with many of those communities I want to help Nephio to establish fruitful collaboration relationships to ensure industry wide success and adoption.

I have the full support of my employer to invest time and effort needed to be successful in the vice chair position, should I be elected.

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