Welcome to the our series of tutorials for Nephio R1. This is a series of short videos, decks, blogs and user exercises to explain Nephio and the concepts underlying it, using R1. For a quick demonstration of Nephio, take a look at the Nephio R1 Demo Video. It doesn't cover the more sophisticated things we can do in Nephio, but it can give you a flavor of what Nephio does. All the videos in this series may be found in our Learning with Nephio R1 YouTube Playlist.

Each link below is to a separate episode detailing a different aspect of Nephio. The first few set the stage - but after that some videos will be optional in order to get a deeper understanding of some of the different concepts. Each episode has an article, and most also have slides and a video. You can use the comments on the Wiki to ask any questions you may have.

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Ideas for Future Episodes

Your contribution? We would love to have your contribution - it can be a simple article, video, slides, or all three.

We have many areas we could address. Please take a look at the list below and let us know what is most interesting. Make a request in the comments or on the GitHub issue!

  • Walking Through the Exercises
  • Nephio Architecture
  • The Nephio Community
  • Nephio free5gc Operator
  • All About Packages and Repositories
  • Deploying a Package Many Times
  • Collaborative Package Configuration
    • Nephio package configuration lifecycle overview
    • Package conditions and multiple user interaction
    • Specializers and external system integrations
  • Creating a Simple Package
  • Creating a Cluster Package for non-KinD Clusters
  • Using KRM Function
  • Writing KRM Functions
  • Deep Dive: Nephio Package Configuration Methods
    • Different ways to mutate a package as it goes from the original source, to your workload cluster
    • How and when to use different methods, their pros and cons
    • Mutations on clone, KRM functions, injectors, package fanout, apply time mutation, mutating webhooks, runtime operators
  • Deep Dive: PackageVariant and PackageVariantSet
  • Package Dependencies
  • Nephio and ConfigSync
  • Nephio and Argo
  • Nephio and Flux
  • Nephio and Crossplane
  • Nephio and Helm

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  1. Please include Nephio free5gc Operator  in upcoming episodes.

    1. Yes — I was going to do this, but didn't make it on time. Will post the video once it is done. Thanks

      1. Thanks for your hard work!

    2. Updated. Please see here for a link to video on Nephio free5gc operator for R1

  2. Can I also contribute to Nephio Learning this project,

    Ssorry I don't really understand above said contribute meaning~

    I want to make a Videos to Introduction to Nephio with mandarin.

    I will also upload the slides(Textbook) to this community and open source all materials.

    Because I hope more developers in my country can know about this technology, and Let more people start using this technology.

    To Accelerate the maturity of Nephio.

    Is this kind of contribution allowed?

    1. Yes! That would be wonderful. You are welcome to record any of the videos. If you translate and cover the same material, we can add them to the same page or do them as separate episodes, it's up to you.